Thursday, May 19, 2011

Civil 3D 2012 - The Little Things Part Two

Just under the ribbon in the upper left corner of the drawing window, you'll see some text...

The [-] can be clicked to reveal some commands, like Viewport control and turning on and off screen helpers such as the View Cube, the Navigation Bar and the Steering Wheels.

Right next to that you'll see [Top]. That's because you're looking at the top of the model. This little guy gives you control similar to the View Cube. Clicking will display the list of directions from which you can view your model. You can turn off the View Cube now :)

And finally, next to that you'll see [2D Wireframe]. That's the visual style that you're currently using. Quickly and easily change the visual style by clicking here and picking a new style.

Dynamic Input. Hate it or love it, it's been "enhanced".

Now when you start typing a command, DI will start listing options for you. You can pick from the list it provides rather than finish typing the command. I'm not too sure about this yet, it doesn't seem to get in the way but I haven't had a huge model loaded either. It will interesting to see if performance was comprimised to implement this feature.

Next up are just some AutoCAD enhancements. For this, here is a lady with a nice speaking voice from Autodesk!

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