Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Blog!

Well, as you may have noticed, it's been a while! But, I'm alive, I'm still doing this Autodesk thing and I'm still passionate about it. But, when I started this blog, Civil 3D was my world. Today, that isn't really the case. Civil 3D is still a large part of it, but there is so much more. Not only am I exposed to more, you, as Autodesk product consumers are exposed to more. Suites have changed the landscape and entitled so many users to access so much more technology.

With that, I'm going to expand my blog and my video blog (same thing, really). Civil is still for AutoCAD, but we really need to focus on the infrastructure industry, we need to focus on information modeling. So, I've named my new blog Bimfrastructure, (BIM + Infrastructure, get it?) and I'll be posting about Civil 3D, about Map 3D, about Navisworks, about 3ds Max Design, about InfraWorks and about all of the new and exciting Autodesk 360 products that are available to you as a subscription customer. I'm going to do my best to kind of re-boot and focus on getting content out there on a regular schedule, and hopefully, it will all be useful to somebody. So, join me, won't you?



Mufasu CAD said...

waiting for your great post here.. :)

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intercad said...

Currently Solidworks is not backwards compatible, though is has come up several times and is a known but unfixed problem. If the part is fairly simple you can redraw it in the older version or you can save it as an .iges file open it in the older version and use the feature recognition to have Solidworks re-create the features in the model. I have used this in the past and it?s a but crude but with a bit of editing yourself it can be done. I?ll say it again ? the part should be fairly simple in geometry. . . Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

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