Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Civil 3D 2011 is 64bit

WooooHoooo! Finally. AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 will ship with 32 AND 64bit versions. For any who don't know, this means that 2011 has the potential to perform a lot better and a lot faster. Of course, you'll need the proper hardware and operating system... and RAM to take advantage.

Plenty of you have been using workstations that are already 64bit, but forced to run Civil 3D in 32bit compatibility mode. What does that mean? Well, it means that your workstation is pushing more horsepower than Civil 3D can handle. If you ask me, I think that Civil 3D 2010 in 32bit compatibility mode is more stable, quicker and more responsive than it would be running on a 32bit system. However, it will be much more stable, quicker and more responsive running a native 64bit version.

Yes, there are many more features of Civil 3D that I'd like to share, and I will as we get closer to release. If you don't already have a 64bit workstation and you're planning to upgrade when 2011 lands at the door.. or desktop via download, you might consider the jump.

For any who would like to read more about 32 and 64bit computing, the boys over at BeingCivil from Autodesk Support have a good article. Go check it out here: Basics of RAM and 32/64bit Enviornments

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