Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Selection Sets

Civil 3D offers a command called Select Similar. If you right-click in the drawing area after selecting an object, select similar will appear at the bottom of the short cut menu.

This is a command that will come in very handy when working with Civil 3D. A few examples;

When deleting section views, pick one of the section view graphs, right-click, pick Select Similar and then all of the views are selected. This way, you won't erase your sections, only the views from the drawing.

If you have a bunch of linework to select, pick one of each, line, circle, arc, polyline, ect., then you can right-click and pick Select Similar and all of the linework is selected.

Sample Lines.... pick one, then right-click and pick Select Similar, all of the sample lines are selected.

Anyway, hopefully you get the point. This can save time and it's only available in Civil 3D. AutoCAD doesn't have such a command yet.

Stay productive!

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