Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Protecting Survey Data - Civil 3D 2010

Alright - finally a way to easily protect your points without using a fieldbook. Civil 3D 2010 gives users an easy way to import any type of raw data that is required. Even though some firms take advantage of automatic linework creation, some do not. Probably more don't than do, so Autodesk finally made it easy.

Pre-2010, I would instruct clients to go ahead and create a survey network and use the Survey Link to convert the point file into a fieldbook so they could import point into a database, rather than just into the drawing. Importing raw points into the drawing is an easy way to corrupt field collected data - nobody wants that.

The new ImportSurveyData command is our portal (back) to database secured points. I'll upload a video soon to help explain. There are other nice Survey enhancements to Civil 3D, like being able to use your own field codes, inserting Blocks for COGO points among others. I'll be posting soon about these other enhancements.

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